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Road2CEE sponsored non-profit organisation Medora

Road2CEE sponsored non profit organisation Medora ( Medora’s main goal is to promote dental health and general health care in Nepal. To reach this goal, a healthcare centre was set up in Chitwan in 2017 and together with a team of Nepalese healthcare provider’s continuity is provided.Focusing on the future we concentrate mostly on prevention;Read More…

Road2CEE opens new branch in the Balkan

Road2CEE BV established a new sales organisation in Croatia. Mr Robert Hill , passionate logistics expert, is running the local / regional developments. Based in Novigrad, HR, a very centralised location between de main corridors to the CEE region via the ports of Koper, Rijeka and Trieste, Robert develops tradelane Benelux – Balkan, Balkan –Read More…